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PLS 52-Week Life School

One of the key strengths about PLS Life School is that it is an ongoing, continuous 52-week program that never closes. All year long, students have a safe place for working on their learning, leadership and reasoning skills based in an approach of Power Love and Self-Control.  The PLS Life School curriculum is designed to run every week, year after year. A student may enter at any point in the program and become part of a growing team focused on leadership and maturity.


At each two-hour meeting, there is an hour of gym time and an hour of lesson and discussion.  The lessons tend to build and move from fundamental understanding to more complex reasoning and problem solving.  The students are encouraged to ask any question and to discuss any topic with a PLS Mentor.  They learn to problem solve and mature into adults with a set of skills to apply on the problems of life.

When you get to the final lesson, Lesson 104 is a celebration of accomplishment.  Students who completed the full year are given additional responsibilities in working with others as Student Leaders.  So, what to do at the next meeting?  Simple. Start back at Lesson 1: How to Make Your Bed.  This gives students the opportunity to refine their understanding of the lesson topics.  They will see themselves changing and like they what they see.  They become a positive influence for those around them.


The program is designed to meet twice weekly, for more than one year, for many reasons:

•    It gives students a safe place where they are accepted and never turned away.

•    Students who didn’t experience some lessons have a chance to catch up on anything they missed and ask questions on how it relates to their circumstances.

•    Students usually require more than one year to find significant freedom from their circumstances and maturely apply lessons to manage their challenges. 

•    Teenagers see the lessons as a journey and a way forward to well-balanced maturity and adulthood.  Boys become Men.

•    Parents will see a positive difference in their teenager, easing family tension.

•    It allows students to give back and begin the next year as student leaders.

•    Students can practice the leadership and management skills they’ve learned.  

•    Students encouraging each other is the strongest tool to amend behavior.

•    Students serving as student leaders is a great way for them to give back. This gives PLS Life School a fresh group of trained peer leaders every year. 

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