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This 10 week program is divided into two phases that target all 3 components of a person: mind, body, and spirit. It provides essential skills for boys (ages 14-17) to become positive role models to their peers and within the community. Throughout each day of the program, participants will share in the responsibility of team projects. These projects require our boys to lead others, take direction from their peers, communicate the task at-hand, and learn how to receive constructive criticism. We also teach essential life skills of becoming a successful man and leader of a home.  Fun activities are incorporated to assist in team-bonding and communication skills. As each participant enhances in his ability to lead and serve others, he is encouraged to accept greater responsibility within the group. We want our boys to have a mentality in life of always pushing past comfort zones and what we THINK we are capable off. Through this program your teen will see that they are far more capable than they ever believed. 
I learned the difference between hearing and listening and why it’s important to listen to others before I speak. I learned new ways to deal with my anger. 

-Teen in Residential Program 2017

I was a part of the Leadership Program at PLS and it taught me how to be a leader and how it feels when people look up to you. It teaches you how to take on the responsibility of being a young adult and helping each other. It taught me how to be more mature.

-Teen in Leadership Development Program 2016

Ryan and Sheri are very involved in your life and they just want to see you do well, which is a really big thing to me. Usually when you get involved with things like this you don’t see the founders caring about you like this.

-Teen in Leadership Development Program 2016


One teen at a time

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