The farm is a busy place! Each day consists of early mornings and late evenings. The checklist is never quite complete: let the dogs out, feed the animals, gather the eggs, check the equipment, tend the garden, restock the supplies, bush hog the fields, pull debris from the creek, nail some boards to the barn, catch that one chicken that keeps getting out, put up a few more fences.....wait! It's dinnertime...was lunch canceled? Whew! What a day! 

Do you enjoy working with your hands...been waiting for a reason to pull out your tools? Do you really need a reason to load up your equipment and hit the highway?


PLS welcomes your volunteer services on the farm!


Harvest sorghum

Clean out corn stalks / plants from garden area

Prepare ground for next year

Clean around pond to expand fishing area

Stock pond with more fish



Clear dam area

Dig pond deeper for a swimming hole

Upkeep obstacles and build new obstacles



Prepare garden area for planting

Planting garden

Mowing activities fields

Planting sorghum

Hay cutting and baling 



Landscaping throughout farm


Weed and pick garden

Deliver fresh veggies to families

PLS Farm Ministry is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal tools or equipment or injuries resulting in the use of tools or equipment not owned or operated by PLS Farm Ministry.

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