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PLS Farm Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides small group leadership programs for teen boys. PLS was created to establish in the hearts of young men that they do not have to be a product of their environment, but that they will be a product of the things they believe about themselves. Many people tell teens this, but few actually step in and show them their true identity in Christ and give opportunity for those new found beliefs to flourish, PLS is a place that takes that step. The name PLS stands for Power, Love, and Self-Control which comes from the bible verse 2 Timothy 1:7. Everything we teach and instill in our teens branches from these 3 characteristics. We have a saying here; this is the place “Where boys become men”. We do not create boys who act like men, but BECOME.
     We are training our men to be responsible, honest, hardworking, motivated, independent, confident, living to serve, and lastly to have excellent, well rounded life skills. Our programs are implemented through a 100+ acre farm fully functioning with animals,  gardens and crop, an obstacle course, full weight lifting gym, academic tutoring and classrooms, and community service projects. We also use our garden to feed the hungry in our community, and have started to have the ability to put clothes on the backs of people who cannot afford it with partnership through our community. Our heart is to not only build the teens up mentally, but physically and spiritually. Our goal is to have MEN who are holistically healthy as God intended. Men who know how to change their oil, men who know how to have a relationship with Christ, men who know how to love their wives and children, men who have work ethic and integrity, Men of wisdom and skill, and men who know their identity in Christ. 
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